Expanding the Edge of Your Potential

Expanding Energy. Elevating Consciousness. Evolving Leaders.

Are you living with a sense that there is something more inside of you that is longing to be expressed?
Do you feel like you are living more of a “rat race” existence than living deeply from a more authentic place?
Do you know you want more out of life but don’t know how to get it or where to turn?

If that sounds like you, it is time for you to discover your purpose, passion and possibilities and the Life Design Course is for you!

Life Design LIVE!

Accelerate your learning and transformation by working with group energy in Life Design Live! When you listen to the stories and coaching of others in the program, you will see yourself in a whole new, different, and more powerful way.

Learn how to make lasting changes that have been eluding you. This isn’t an empty promise. It is the experience of hundreds of Life Design graduates.


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Life Design Coaching

If you cannot attend a Life Design Live! program, you can work with a Certified Life Design Coach in a way that meets your schedule and convenience.


Certified Life Design Coaches have been trained by the founder of Life Design, Jackie Woodside. They are not only coaches but they too are Life Design graduates and have committed their lives to the power of living by design … not by default.


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Become a Life Design Coach

Life Design Coaches walk clients through a specific step-by-step formula to bring about the changes that so many people desire.

You can be one of those people who wakes up every morning looking forward to what the work day is going to bring because you know that you are going to impact lives, create greater happiness and fulfillment for each person you coach.


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Taking Life Design was one of the best decisions in my life.  I can see every day what a difference it has made for me spiritually, mentally and emotionally.
Patricia Downs- Hartford, CT
Identifying my core values paved the way to discovering my life’s purpose, my mission and vision. I am truly grateful for the gift of Life Design and I look forward to continuing my journey.
Cindy McKay Santos- Andover, MA
Through the Life Design practices and coaching, I now look forward to picking up the phone and finding the next profitable piece of business. And my business is thriving in a manner that I never could have imagined. All thanks to the powerful Life Design program!
Nancy Langmeyer- Newburyport, MA