The Truth & Lessons of the Coronavirus: A Metaphysical Message for Humanity

The Truth & Lessons of the Coronavirus: A Metaphysical Message for Humanity

by Elle Gallo, Life Design Coach, Founder of Eve Rising

The absolute TRUTH of any one thing is the Truth of every single thing. What are the undeniable Truths of our current situation, of the effects of the coronavirus? When looking from the perspective of this 3-dimensional realm that means self-isolation, washing your hands, & wearing a mask, but the obvious effects of the physical 3rd dimension offer metaphysical messages; the lessons and truth underneath the physical aspects, the Absolute Truth about our very existence, our capabilities, our responsibilities, and our consciousness. These Absolute Truths provide the lessons we must learn-and in the face of this pandemic, learn fast.

A Truth in nature is always applicable on every level of existence.

We can and should take all our cues from nature. Everything in nature offers to us glimpses into our own possibilities, our societal potential if we are aware and seek ways to apply it to our own lives. The lowly caterpillar insulates itself, turns to mush and emerges beautiful and with wings to fly. Ants & bees show us the incredible power of working as one mind for the common good. The darkest moment is just before dawn. Trees with their massive roots grow and stand tall against gravity. When you have ears to hear and eyes to see the common thread of truth, understand its message and make appropriate adjustments, the faster you’ll-and as you’ll soon see, we’ll- grow.

Messages grow in volume and the lessons grow in magnitude until we change.

Have you ever noticed that when the universe has a message for you it gets louder and louder until finally you feel as if there’s no choice but to face it and learn it’s lesson? As a human race, we have been getting messages from the planet and from the universe for a very long time and I’m sure I don’t need to list the obvious: war, famine, tsunamis, fires, floods, hell- even the plague of locusts is back. The planet is responding more and more loudly, more and more frequently to our behavior and our emotions. The messages to change our ways have been coming, causing suffering and destruction to no avail; and now, here we are in a worldwide crisis with no choice but to respond immediately to it.

There are only 2 ways a human will evolve or elevate to a higher level of consciousness: Intentionally, through purposeful self-study, inner awareness, and energetic expansion or through suffering.

The tragic events of 9/11 are the perfect example of this. Do you remember how we were as a human community in the hours, days, weeks and months that followed? We all looked at each other with a shared knowing, with compassion for one another on a level we’d never experienced before. We all knew and felt everyone we passed by, and we noticed and acknowledged everyone as ourselves. The suffering was so great and effected so many that humanity evolved into a place of oneness and compassion, free of judgment, devoid of differences because of it.

The magnitude of 9/11 was so powerful, intense and it’s destruction so fast that we didn’t even have time to examine it’s message, we automatically inherited the lesson and changed because of it.

But, although we changed, it was short-lived. We did not transform. Eventually, we returned to our egos, our individual identity, just as we’ve done over and over and over again throughout history. And by returning to the control of our egos, our heart capacity which had greatly expanded through the immense suffering of that one incident gradually diminished. So many human tragedies have come to our awareness since September 11, 2000, but our hearts haven’t been big enough to change our behavior and transform our way of being.

**The faster we individually decide to evolve or elevate to a higher level of consciousness intentionally, through purposeful self- study, inner awareness and energetic expansion, the sooner we can alleviate the suffering of this virus that’s come to offer that same result. **

Our own personal choices, attitudes, beliefs, make up the vibrational frequency that creates our own personal realities/our own life experience; but perhaps more importantly, that same personal vibration expands to interact with every other individual vibration to form a mass energetic field which creates the circumstances of the whole population.


When a certain energetic vibration has enough strength & power, it creates. You’ve read about it in every personal development program ever written:

Thoughts+Words+Action, when in alignment with our vibrational frequency (attitude, beliefs, emotions)=Desired Results.

This equation is a tool to tap into and use the Natural Laws of The Universe to our advantage but whether we intentionally use that tool or remain unaware of the law, it is nevertheless a natural law of the universe, and like gravity, is always governing our existence. Our thoughts, words, actions (or lack thereof) and our overall energetic vibration is ALWAYS producing results.

Now, think of your own energetic vibration in terms of your emotions. Are you generally worried, depressed, angry? Or are you grateful, seeing (and therefore experiencing) the world as beautiful and life as a great and exciting adventure? However you are, whatever you’re “being” energetically merges with how/who your partner is being and how your children are individually being and therefore determines the overall energetic atmosphere of your home. Take that a step further and see how your home’s combined energy then merges with the energies being emitted from each home in your neighborhood to create the energetic vibration of your community. Continue adding and eventually you have the overall energetic frequency of humanity as a whole.

That combined energetic vibration is the collective consciousness and that collective consciousness CREATES the experiences we see happening around the globe.

**Can you see how important YOU are? Can you feel the depth of your personal responsibility to the human experience? EVERYTHING that IS begins with who YOU ARE.**

The Absolute Truths:

So, what are the absolute Truths, messages and lessons of the Coronavirus as they pertain to us individually and how do we apply their metaphysical meanings in a practical way so that we learn, grow and transform ourselves and our world into one of peace, love, and harmony?

1. The most obvious & significant message comes from its name: Corona

2. You must Go home and Stay there.

3. The well-being of your community depends on your commitment to being home.

4. The cracks in the foundation are completely exposed.

5. The exposed fault lines are URGENT and must be rectified NOW or many will not survive

The Metaphysical Messages & Practical Approach to The Absolute Truths:

The most obvious & significant message comes from its name: Corona

Did you know that “Corona” means “Crown”? And the Crown Chakra, also known as Sahsrara is where matter & consciousness merge? The crown signifies the end of the struggle toward unity and calls us to live in a unified state, human and divine simultaneously. I believe THIS is the ultimate & most urgent message of Corona’s presence on earth. A calling to all who can hear.

Go Home and Stay Home:

Literally, home is where the heart is. Go within. Be still. Observe your energy and expand your heart. Study your thoughts, the emotions they produce and make the adjustments necessary to raise your vibrational frequency to better your life experience and the collective circumstances. Explore your inner realm, your connection to the whole, to the life force energy that you are, and that we all are. Learn to breathe in the way that brings all the parts of your being to center, to oneness. Examine your relationship with your self, with your higher self, with your God.

The wellbeing of your community depends on your commitment to being home:

Who you are energetically and how you grow has an undeniable effect on everyone around you. Your inner work must be your top priority for the energetic field of your family and the collective consciousness.

The cracks in the foundation are exposed:

Just as the appearance of the virus has shined the light on the fault lines in the infrastructures of our nations to handle this emergency, whatever is showing up for you now are the fault lines in YOUR foundation that will not withstand the onset of an emergency. This is true for your family unit as a whole and for your individual self. Whatever is coming up for you right now is where the Light is shining. This is what needs your immediate and undivided attention.

These fault lines exposed are URGENT and must be rectified NOW or many will not survive:

Whether it’s your relationship with your kids or partner, or your child’s issues, your financial security, your health, the way you feel about your life…. whatever fault lines the light is shining on in your life right now requires your immediate ability to see it, examine it, make determinations about it, and DO something about it NOW.

What YOU DO RIGHT NOW will determine the future of your life, your family’s life and ultimately the circumstances of humanity as we all know it. Will you take responsibility for the future of humanity? Those who study metaphysics know that shift is happening. An awakening is taking place as we speak. When the shift happens, there will be a distinct split. What side of the human experience will you be on when the shift happens? When we emerge from this pandemic will you come into a world of harmony, beauty, cooperation, and oneness or will you find yourself surrounded by destruction, poverty, illness, and despair?

Will you align yourself with the healing of the planet? Will you use your energy to pray/send love/expand? Will you take the time to examine the fault lines in your current reality and take measures to change what isn’t in alignment with love, peace, happiness, and abundance?

Let those who have eyes to see and ears to hear heed the warning, accept their personal responsibility to change, and know that they will inherit the kingdom. I pray and affirm that your eyes are open, your ears are listening, your heart is glowing and your vibration is elevating. I’ll see you soon in a new and beautiful world of our own creation.

With Blessings in Abundance,



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