Elias Darraj

Phoenix, MD

UI/UX – User Experience Integration Specialist, Technology Trainer. Professional Certified Life Design Coach

Life Design helped me get back on track. After being knocked off a number of personal projects, Life Design helped me take charge of my personal life and career. I now have a much better focus on what matters to me and am taking action therein.

I love nature and gardening; I am a Cub Scout Den Leader and Committee Chair and Boy Scout Assistant Scoutmaster; I am always eager to learn about new things

I am the spirited dolphin committed to growth, love and harmony and elevating human experiences to bring enlightenment and personal freedom.

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Life Design has been a gift for me.  I have struggled with depression, anxiety and addiction for most of my adult life. Life Design coupled with my coach’s guidance gave me the tools I needed to break free from the bondage of my ego and open the door to discovering the power of my true essence.

Cindy McKay Santos

Life Design provided a structure to reevaluate all the areas of my life.  I now see clearly what I came here to do and what talents I could use to be of further service in the world. If you are feeling that your life lacks focus and meaning, Life Design is a great place to try look through a different lens with a strong life coach and powerful tools of transformation to shift your levels of awareness and your life.

Ruth Cook

In the Life Design program, I found an inner strength and confidence. Four years since completing Life Design I have paid off back taxes, doubled my income and have become a Licensed Teacher in my Spiritual Center. I have found the Life Design Program such an integral part of my growth and well-being that I have also become a Certified Life Design Coach. I am doing and accomplishing things now that before seemed like just a dream.

Tom Paolini

I took Life Design several years ago. It is a expansive, and impactful coaching process. Truly life changing! So much so that I became a certified life design coach. I would highly recommend this.

Karen Leavitt

I have taken Jackie Woodside 's Life Design program twice. The process is transformational. What I love is that it combines concrete activities to assess and change your life to reflect your desires and provides easy strategies to shift the negative underlying limiting beliefs and fears which impact the experience you have of your life.

Amanda Coburn
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