In past winters, I’ve had the unenviable task of crawling up on my roof and shoveling off the tons of heavy, wet snow that was creating small rivers and pools of water in my home. I am sure many of you reading this can relate to that chore, as Mother Nature poured out her strength on New England this winter. At one point, feeling the immense weight of each shovel full of snow, tossing it to the ground; I thought of how grateful I am that the house and the roof must have an incredibly strong foundation to sustain all of that weight.

I have a particular liking of the concept of strong foundations. In fact, it is one of the bedrocks of my year-long Life Design course. This year’s course is underway and each participant is now fully engaged with the work of creating their “Strong Foundation.” So what do I mean by this? I firmly believe that before one can go out and create a vision and goals for one’s life, it is imperative to be sure that the life plan is being built on a solid foundation that will create ease and eliminate unplanned upsets or emergencies down the road.

I created the Strong Foundation Inventory several years ago to use with my coaching clients. The inventory has evolved over the years and is now a 125-item check list covering five areas of your life that addresses the “structural integrity” of your life. How well is your life functioning? Do you have a life that is ordered and working smoothly? Or is there a great deal of chaos, upsets and turmoil in your day-to-day living?

The inventory covers your relationships, finances, well being, career, and your physical environments such as your home, car and office. When most people begin the process of assessing their foundation, scores average in the 50’s and 60’s. By the end of the Life Design course, the averages are well up into the 90’s, and many people continue working with the foundation well beyond the scope of the year-long course.

I have had clients tell me that this inventory literally saved their lives, when they had to look closely at the way they were living, the disarray in their homes and finances, the poor health practices that they were employing prior to the inventory. It is a powerful tool. I call it a “back door approach” to transformation. You are not working on yourself, your beliefs, your goals or your life plan directly, but who you have to become in order to develop a solid strong foundation will undoubtedly change you and how you are operating in the world.

If you would like to receive a copy of the inventory, send me an email. Getting to work on your strong foundation will have YOU being a force of nature, just as we have seen Mother Nature’s glory, power and splendor have her way with us this winter.

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  • cynthia  April 6, 2013 at 5:27 pm

    Hi Jackie,
    I’m READY! Love your e-mails, and I’d love the Strong Foundation worksheets!
    Life is great and I’m embarking on afew more great projects, would love to feel the strength of a well arranged life to add to it!
    Enjoy the Spring, even though I KNOW you make your own weather!
    I hope the family is well.


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