Living from your mission requires that you have a deep relationship with the statement of purpose that it expresses. Your mission is more than a set of concepts or theories. It is Your Essence – who you came here to be and what you came here to leave as your legacy.

Create Your Mission Statement Jackie WoodsideYour mission requires a deep connection from within. It is imperative to commit the statement to memory. As you practice saying it aloud, the energy of the words becomes harmonious with the energy of your soul. The degree to which you take ownership of your mission statement will be reflected in how you present it. When you declare your mission, do so with a voice powerful and full of energy, or is it questioning, timid, and soft? Can you reach people on the other side of the room with the strength of your declaration? Do you believe what you’re saying, or are you using this statement more as the product of a mental exercise than the summation of your purpose on this planet?

Take the words into your heart and feel the power they have. Words like integrity, honesty, family, compassion, self-expression – these aren’t just concepts that look pretty on paper. The words of your mission statement are your deepest values, and they’re here to guide you. They came from the core of your being, from your very truest Self. They are you – let them speak of the nature of your Spirit, the essence of what you were born to be.

When we hold our values close and state them with conviction, we begin to see our lives in new ways. Each situation you find yourself in throughout the day, from tiny interactions with strangers to the life-altering decisions of partnership and career, can be viewed through the lens of your mission. With that lens before our eyes, we can see the world around us in new ways. Leaves on the trees become clear; faces come into focus; colors move from shades of gray to the brightest hues in Technicolor, our highest path opens before us.

Imagine your mission statement as a picture of your life that’s been turned into a glass slide – something colorful but transparent, depicting all the things you hold most important, containing all the parts of your Self that you intend to fulfill in the world. Then imagine that you carry this slide around in your pocket. Each time you come up against a moment that requires you to decide how you are going to be (and there are a million of these moments in a single day), you can take that slide out of your pocket and hold it up in front of your eyes. Does your way of being align with the image in your slide? What can you do, in this very moment, to bring the two into closer alignment?

Now imagine that you can use this tool from here until the day you die. Every moment contains the possibility of change, the chance to shift the elements of your life into alignment with your vision and purpose. Every time you examine your world through the colors of your slide and make decisions based on aligning the two, you will be creating a life more attuned to your highest Self and all that you have been ordained to be.

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And it goes even deeper than circumstances. When we create our life in alignment with our mission, something in us ignites. It’s what some call “passion” and others a “calling” – the way our energy changes when we’re being who we’re supposed to be. Often the people around us can feel it too. There’s a resonance that occurs when who we’re being in the world aligns with our mission.

Move through your life with clarity and power, with your mission statement as your guide. What ignites you and ignites your inner flame? Where are you most powerful? What activities, when you’re engaged in them, turn you into a ball of light, radiating warmth and positive energy in such a way that everyone around takes note? These are the times when you’re tapping in to your highest way of being – when your mission is being attained.

And carry your mission with you every day, wherever you go, whatever you do. Be able to declare it in any moment, large or small, or at the convergence of two divergent paths – which are you going to take? Who are you going to invent yourself to be in the face of this very moment? You already have your guide; simply own it

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