Mark Schneider


I am so excited to have found the Life Design course. No other program enables improvements in all aspects of your life, finding your purpose, your bliss, and having the ability to consciously attain a life that you love, as well as this does.

I, like many people, have experienced the feelings of wondering: “Is this all there is?”, “Why am I not happier?”, “What’s wrong with me?”, “Am I good enough?”. I went to all the seminars, read all the latest self help gurus, did week long retreats, but all to know lasting effect until I was invited to go to Jackie’s Life Design program.

I was so impressed by the changes in myself and the people attending Life Design with me that I knew that the program had the best components of all types of self improvement, therapy, and spiritual practices we had all been trying for years. And, most importantly, it included a facet that none of them had addressed – the life changer!

In my life’s work as a musician, music educator, and I.T. professional, I have been helping and training people in the curriculums I love for over 30 years and I’m pleased to off this course to you.


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