Lynette Culverhouse

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I am a certified Life Design coach, having gone through 3 years of training with the founder of the Life Design program and attaining certification in the fall of 2018. When I went through the Life Design program several years ago it transformed my life. For years I had re-played limiting messages to myself (we all have them!) that kept me feeling stuck and somewhat impotent. But after embarking on the Life Design journey I found myself with more clarity, confidence and compassion resulting in more positive outcomes to almost every situation, as well as a sense of “anything is possible”. Relationships shifted, and I found myself at ease even when handling the most baffling situations, for me, that might be someone else’s anger. I love my life and the way that the Life Design’s structured process constantly supports me to set and reach for my goals in order to be the best version of myself that I can be. It is for this reason that I am thrilled to bring this life changing program to others and to witness and support that growth in anyone wanting to live their dream..

Before becoming a Life Design coach I was a passionate teacher all my adult life, most recently as a math coach and curriculum developer. I am also a jewelry artist, runner, gardener, traveler and lover of nature.

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