Hello and welcome!

I am so excited to share my Life Design practice with you.

Over the course of my 25-year social work career, I have been blessed with wise mentors and diverse client relationships which have deepened my knowledge of human development potential. I have been fortunate enough to work with adults crossing their life spans from those just out of high school taking their first steps towards independence; to early adulthood with careers and families; to those developing new meaning as they shift out of the workforce; and finally, with someone taking their last breath.

What is most important to me in all of these situations is empowering people to raise their quality of life. I’m most excited when people are having new insights about themselves and taking decisive actions to meet goals they’ve established.

I believe in The Life Design Curriculum. This curriculum has made a powerful impact in my life. It has generated new insights and encouraged me to take decisive actions which produced meaningful circumstances in my life. My style as a social worker has always been about thinking creatively and moving forward with a specific purpose in mind. The Life Design Curriculum is powerful because it is about being in action; not just any action, but specific action that moves you towards the Life you have always wanted, but maybe wondered if you’d ever have. My social work clients would laugh when I told them that I assign homework! One of my coaching clients told me. “I feel so empowered being in action!” So, there will be homework. But I promise it’s fun, and there’s no high-level math or spelling tests involved. There is however, Recess and Play! I look forward to facilitating this journey with you.

Amanda Coburn, MSW, LICSW

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