Do you want to make a living helping other people live their best, most intentional and empowered life? Do you want to build a business to replace your boring, burn-out 9 to 5 job, and create greater flexibility than you have ever had, while giving you the blessed joy of being paid to express your passion?
The Life Design Coach Training Program helps you achieve all of this and so much more – with only an investment of a few hours per week!
Do you want a business that gives you the flexibility to visit a friend, volunteer in your community, or even take a day off? A business that makes you feel consistently inspired and fulfilled because you’re actually helping your clients lead an empowered life by design?

Many people want to be a coach, but FEW PROGRAMS truly show them how!

That’s what makes the Life Design Coach Training Program so very different. You’re not just left to “figure it out” on how to help your clients.

You are trained in the science and the art of Coaching – using a proven, step-by-step methodology, working with a robust community of coaches who are there to support your success! The “science” is learning to lead the Life Design Program for your clients, and the “art” is your ability to lead people through the process even when resistance, lack of engagement, or fear naturally occur. You will be trained by an expert coach with 30 years of coaching experience how to make the process simple and easy for your clients, and watch their lives transform right before your very eyes.
You see, with Life Design Coaching you are trained as a specialist within a field of generalists. Life Design is a specialty training that you can bring to any niche that you have chosen, and see outstanding results.
If you know that there is more in you and have a passion for helping others create meaningful, lasting, and impactful changes in their lives through a part-time or full-time coaching profession, we’d love to connect with you!
The Life Design and Conscious Living Coach Training programs consist of at least 7 months of live interactive online training, peer support groups, practicum work, workbooks, and recordings of all sessions. You will receive expert guidance from our sales and marketing team in how to set up and run your Life Design coaching practice as well as ongoing mentoring and support from our founder.
Take a look at all that is included when you decide to become a Life Design or Conscious Living Coach.

What’s Included

Life Design Coaching Conscious Living Coaching
A welcome “Ignite Your Life” webinar to prepare you for the live training sessions.
Six months of LIVE webinar-based training.
Client acquisition training and “done for you” scripts.
Four complete presentation templates and handouts to use as enrollment and prospecting tools.
Professionally branded website with your own personal web page.
“Done for you” social media memes ready for posting to your unique audience.
Access to the private Life Design Coaches Facebook page.
“Done for you” professionally designed and branded business card template.
LIFETIME access to any future Life Design Coach Training Programs with no additional charge.
Access to a private login for coaches on the Life Design website to access all materials provided.
Annual Life Design Coaches training retreats.
Lifelong membership in an exclusive community of successful Life Design and Conscious Living Coaches for support, sharing resources and accountability.


Training in the full curriculum suite of Conscious Living Courses: Living a Transcendent Life (3 months of LIVE webinar-based training)
Training in the full curriculum suite of Conscious Living Courses: Life Mastery (3 months of LIVE webinar-based training)
Full training and intellectual property to deliver the Transformational Leadership and Engagement Professional Development training (3 months of LIVE webinar-based training)
Full training and intellectual property to deliver the Calming the Chaos professional Development Training program (2 months of LIVE webinar-based training)
Lifetime access to any future training programs for any of the above certifications.
Annual LIVE Conscious Living Coaches retreat.

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Life Design has been a gift for me.  I have struggled with depression, anxiety and addiction for most of my adult life. Life Design coupled with my coach’s guidance gave me the tools I needed to break free from the bondage of my ego and open the door to discovering the power of my true essence.

Cindy McKay Santos

Life Design provided a structure to reevaluate all the areas of my life.  I now see clearly what I came here to do and what talents I could use to be of further service in the world. If you are feeling that your life lacks focus and meaning, Life Design is a great place to try look through a different lens with a strong life coach and powerful tools of transformation to shift your levels of awareness and your life.

Ruth Cook

In the Life Design program, I found an inner strength and confidence. Four years since completing Life Design I have paid off back taxes, doubled my income and have become a Licensed Teacher in my Spiritual Center. I have found the Life Design Program such an integral part of my growth and well-being that I have also become a Certified Life Design Coach. I am doing and accomplishing things now that before seemed like just a dream.

Tom Paolini

I took Life Design several years ago. It is a expansive, and impactful coaching process. Truly life changing! So much so that I became a certified life design coach. I would highly recommend this.

Karen Leavitt

I have taken Jackie Woodside 's Life Design program twice. The process is transformational. What I love is that it combines concrete activities to assess and change your life to reflect your desires and provides easy strategies to shift the negative underlying limiting beliefs and fears which impact the experience you have of your life.

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