Imagine you are crystal clear on what you want in all areas of your life: financial, work, family, spiritual, health, fitness, mental, and social. You understand your life’s purpose, you are clear on your personal values and you are in action on bringing those values more to the forefront of your life. How would that feel?

Let me give you a glimpse into it:

You wake up every day excited about the life you have created!

Work is no longer “work”; it is fun because you bring the highest sense of purpose to all you do.

You are clear about your financial future and have developed a solid financial path.

Your body and mind are strong as you give them attention and care every day.

You love your home life, work life and your connection to your Higher Power.

You have wonderful, supportive and loving family and friends!

You are living your life purpose and feel happy, joyous and at peace with the life you have created.

I can tell you from experience that you don’t just “trip” into living an inspired life! Inspired lives are created by design!

I’d like to ask you some important questions:

Do you have clarity, enthusiasm and a plan for what’s next for you?

Do you feel a calling to play bigger and bolder, but you are unsure about the next right steps?

Would you like to move into a life which feels genuine to yourself and your truth?

Are you searching for more meaning in your life but feel blocked with how to find it?


If you feel that you fit into any of these categories, I promise you there is tremendous value in this special program!

I remember what it felt like going to work day after day yearning for something more, something deeper, a greater sense of fulfillment.

It was as a result of that inner quest of my own that I created the Life Design program – and my greatest desire is to share it with people just like you.

I’ve been working with brilliant men and women for many years now — talented, creative, high conscious men and women just like you, with amazing gifts to share. I love helping others give birth to their dreams and truly live a life by design instead of by default.

We all have blind spots and often we just need someone to guide us out of the darkness and into our brilliance! One of my gifts is helping people reinvent their lives!

Do you find yourself sometimes just going through the motions of life? People often find themselves on automatic pilot; more often reacting through life rather than living by design.

My Life Design course is an opportunity for you to explore and utilize a method where you access your power to craft the life you desire! You will be guided through a process using a blueprint and format to design your life. This is a “roll up your sleeves and get to work” type program! By the end of the program, you will have a personal written life design as well as a method to fulfill on your design.

Here’s What You Will Receive:

Step-by-step guidance with thoughtful, yet very accessible writings.

Numerous self-assessment inventories to determine exactly where you are at in your life today.

Writing exercises to guide you toward a full understanding of your values, vision and goals in life.

A ground breaking new way to develop goals that is more in line with the person you want to be.

A deep understanding of the inner mindset that has held you back and what to do to change it.

Insight into what has held you back in life up to now.

An understanding of your relationship to money and how to shift it in ways that support what you truly want to be experiencing.

I have taught this program for the past 7 years to hundreds of students for over $1,500.

The Next Life Design LIVE! Begins …

September 9th in Beverly, MA

Hosted by Terri Naroian
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