The History of Life Design

The Life Design Course was started in 2009 by certified professional coach and licensed psychotherapist, Jackie Woodside.

After spending thousands of hours listening to people tell their story in psychotherapy and coaching, Jackie noticed that what caused stress and emotional difficulty for most people was the lack of a clear sense of purpose, meaning and direction.

Jackie came to see that most people were living their lives “by default” rather than by design – just moving from one thing to the next with no clear sense where their lives are going, or more importantly, why. Further, Jackie saw that nearly every person she worked with over 25 years of professional practice had a desire to do something more, but they didn’t know how to bring forth due to fear, confusion or some limiting belief or thought that was holding them back.

Seeing this over and over again, Jackie was inspired to create a clear, consistent, reliable “formula” that launches people into living a life of meaning, purpose, clarity, power and direction. Success in life occurs when you are clear on your values and desires and are bringing them forth in the world through your choices and actions.

This is what Life Design provides. Clarity. Power. Success. Freedom.

The Philosophy of Life Design

The Life Design process goes both DEEP and BROAD in your life.

It goes deep into the “big questions” of meaning, purpose, happiness and wellbeing. But it also goes broad, covering eight distinct areas of life: finance, career, health and wellbeing, spirituality, fun and adventure, family, physical environments, and romance and intimacy. In Life Design, the belief is that you can have a life that is running on all cylinders – meaning you are happy, fulfilled and self-expressed in every area of your life.

So many people are living their lives with a sense of driven, chaotic busyness with no clear sense of authorship or ownership of their life. The Life Design philosophy says that you can create your life into your own masterpiece by consciously designing it through concrete steps and methods that creates greater satisfaction and fulfillment. That is what living your life by design is all about.

You, empowered, each and every day.